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H2flow Hire Doubles Potable Water Carrying Capacity – Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

Due to continued increases in demand for onsite potable water services throughout South East Queensland, we have recently added a 28,000 kl truck and dog combo to our certified Potable water fleet and relocated one of our 5 star “Eat safe” certified Potable tankers to the Northside of Brisbane.

28,000 kl H2flow Hire trucks recently added to meet the increasing demands for onsite potable water services throughout South East Queensland

This effectively doubles our potable water carrying capacity and the Mango Hill depot will provide an ideal base to further expand Northwards towards Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.


With continued strong urban and infrastructure development in the north of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, SEQ Water has identified that water access in this area will continue to be a challenge in the coming years.  H2flow Hire is ideally positioned to provide additional drinking water carrying capacity for both the domestic and commercial sectors (domestic tanks, pool fills, bulk water deliveries).


H2flow is now operating from 4 South East Queensland locations:

  • Beenleigh – Servicing Brisbane South and the Gold Coast
  • Sumner Park – Serving Brisbane and South West
  • Griffin & Mango Hill – Servicing Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast

>> 24/7 operations

>> Trucks and drivers fully accredited with all Regional Water Authorities

>> Mains Shut down services/Pools/tanks/emergency call outs

Volunteers Supporting Lendlease’s Foundation Day in a Show of Community Spirit

H2flow Hire joined the masses to provide a helping hand on Lendlease’s  22nd Anniversary Community Day this year. Over 3,500 volunteers provided services and assistance to over 140 Community projects across Australia including the Kambu Community Centre in Ipswich.

Lendlease’s 22nd Anniversary Community Day

The eagerly awaited Community Day Event, which celebrated its 22nd year anniversary, provided Lendlease employees and their key suppliers the opportunity to give back to the community and showcase and provide their skills.

Since Community Day started in 1996, Lendlease has supported the community in a number of ways, ranging from aiding disaster recovery efforts, renovating buildings for those struggling with homelessness or domestic violence, restoring important green spaces and assisting children with special needs.

H2flow Hire was one of the company participants who jumped right on board with Lendlease Communities to help out the Kambu community Centre project in Ipswich. Anthony Betts, H2flow Hire’s General Manager was on hand to give the Lendlease team a training session on how to use a water blaster to assist with the spring clean of the Community Centre.

H2Flow Hire Team with General Manager Anthony Betts

The Kambu Community Centre is an Aboriginal controlled health centre providing support to the Ipswich area and local surrounds. It was originally founded to address rising concerns and medical needs amongst the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities. What once began as a small group within the community, meeting in a local resident’s house, has grown into a fully fledged medical centre that employs over 70 staff to provide assistance and medical aid to the local Aboriginal community.

Their contribution to the event was warmly welcomed by the community. The H2flow Hire team are proud and feel privileged to volunteer their services and contribute towards Lendlease’s 22nd Anniversary Community Day, and are pleased to have been of assistance for such a worthwhile cause.

H2flow Hire, Brisbane City Council’s preferred water supplier, is 100 percent Queensland owned and operated, and has become the premier water supplier service in South East Queensland today. H2flow Hire supply water trucks, water delivery services and specialised plant and equipment hire for civil, construction and horticultural support sectors

The team at H2flow Hire thank Lendlease and Kambu Community Centre for the chance to contribute to the special anniversary of their Community day, and look forward to next year’s event!

How your construction site could use a water truck

How your construction site could use a water truck?

There are many advantages for the construction industry in sourcing professional water truck services, which may not be immediately apparent. As well as offering solutions for high pressure water cleaning, water trucks are able to solve a number of complex problems, and can also prevent them from occurring in the first place. Consider the following issues that a water truck can solve as part of your next build. water truck

Damage that can be caused by dust

The control of dust on any construction or industrial site is a concern, and needs to be monitored in order to promote the health and well being of staff as well as the general public, and to protect the environment. But dust is seen as an inevitable interruption. With a water truck at your work site, you can minimise the impact of dust by preventing it, and also clearing it, because airborne dust particles can be effectively handled with water solutions.

Tailored water truck solutions

Heavy water and TGC solutions are leading the industry in dust suppressants. With Liquid Polymer Surfactants infused in the water tank, a water truck can penetrate soil more deeply, and prevent dust problems before they occur. You’ll also avoid extra costs by circumventing the interruptions that dust can cause, with a simple, cheap, efficient solution.

The risks of using water

Builders will need access to high pressure hoses and the best quality water pumps to deliver targeted, efficient water power. However, these hoses should only be handled by trained professionals, or you run the risk of inflicting unnecessary water damage. Using trained staff also means that water can be delivered to the site required, with minimum wastage. This has the added benefit of reducing water overflow, to avoid surrounding sites from becoming swamped or dredged in mud.

Water trucks and workplace safety

Hiring a water truck is often vital for maintaining the best emergency protocols. This minimises the risk posed by fire and the potential for further damage to be caused when putting fires out. Often, the water deployed at the site of a fire can be more catastrophic. When using water, you also need to consider the risks of slippage or accidents, and solve problems, in a targeted manner, fast. Whether you’re undertaking road works, or you’re worried about your heavy machinery, you will need to work to the highest standards of workplace health and safety.

If you need a water truck to guarantee your commercial or industrial site works efficiently, and you want to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your operations, trust the team at H2flow to work with you as a partner in achieving your goals.

With over 15 years of dedicated service to communities of Queensland, H2flow have a reputation for quality and expediency. Our drivers are trained to the highest standards of professionalism. Our fleet ranges from 2,000 litre to 28,000 litre trucks. So, H2flow can guarantee to supply the best suited water trucks for your needs. With fresh and recycled water truck services available, you can work in a safer, more effective commercial environment.