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Fertilising Your Lawn

The sales and operations teams at H2flow are continually asked by our clients when is the best time of year to fertilise and how frequently should you fertilise your turf.

Here are some tips from the expert team at H2flow;

Ideally, if you have a commercial turf location with heavy foot traffic you should fertilise every 4 to 6 weeks. If using this method only apply fertiliser lightly.

At a home lawn though we would recommend you fertilise every quarter.

In summer months (December to February) a chemical fertiliser that more promotes leaf growth is best.

Coming into autumn and winter use a more organic fertiliser to promote root growth.

If you can find a produce store or one of the larger landscape supply companies (Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10), you will be able to buy a larger quantity and save some money (they also tend to have a better selection). But also buy a couple of 20 litre drums with lids. Pour any leftover fertiliser into the drum and seal. Use again next time.

Also, for smaller areas such as home lawns, do not forget to buy a hand held fertiliser spreader. They are reasonably priced and all you need to do after use is wash out in water and it will last forever.

The team at H2flow hope this has been helpful.

Bulk Water Demand At An All Time High

With the advent of the extended dry period, H2flow has been inundated with requests for bulk water delivery from both the commercial and private sectors in South East Queensland.

Traditionally, September brings with it the increased requirement for swimming pool fills with the onset of summer. This year is no different, with the increased demand for bulk water deliveries.

Fortunately, H2flow has the firepower to accommodate the largest of requests. Recently, it has become common to field requests for the delivery of up to 1 Gigalitre of water a day for some clients. That is a million litres of water a day. Someone must be thirsty!

“No project is too big or timeframe too narrow, H2flow has a proven track record in bulk water delivery. The increased demand did surprise us but we have been able to respond accordingly” said Mark Broekman.

The upcoming G20 has also seen a spike in requirements for bulk water delivery by H2flow in a very short space of time.

Having worked on major projects and landmark sites in Brisbane and South East Queensland for more than a decade delivering bulk water, H2flow is the supplier of choice for numerous commercial clients and public utility providers. We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

“Our large and varied fleet of water trucks allow us to tailor a solution to meet the most challenging of projects. Whether it is drinking water or water for general use, no bulk water delivery is beyond the capability of the team at H2flow” said Mark Broekman.

Book your water trucks early El Nino is on the way!

Judging by the latest 12 month forecast update from Elders Weather, we are in for another dry and dusty Spring/Summer period.

Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say in their 2014 May monthly forward update;’El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) are both in neutral phases.

A warming trend has continued across the tropical Pacific Ocean and the majority of climate models indicate the development of El Nino during the southern hemisphere spring/winter. There are indications that the IOD will trend towards a positive phase by early spring. Positive IOD events often coincide with El Nino. Long range models indicate that warming will continue over the tropical Pacific Ocean as we move into the austral winter, while waters surrounding Australia will remain anomalously warm. El Nino and the IOD then have a strong impact on rainfall distribution moving into spring, with drier conditions likely to ensue. By spring, the El Nino should exert more influence with rainfall totals expected to trend below median during the second half of 2015.’

So judging by the above, whether it be dry hire water trucks, wet hire water trucks, or even one of H2flow’s water trailers, book early! Past experience has shown us at H2flow that when the above trends are forecast so far out, at its peak, water trucks are rarely available for the last minute inquiry.

H2Flow Goes Social with Water Trucks!

Responding to feedback from our clients, H2flow Water Services has made it even easier for you to access information and bookings.

Over the past 6 months, H2flow Water Services has developed a presence on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. These sites complement the existing H2flow website which has been revamped over the past 12 months.

Paul Ryan from H2flow said “It is pleasing to see that we are receiving more and more requests for our product via our online presence. While the majority of our bookings continue to come via the telephone, there is a definite uplift by our clients in contacting H2flow electronically. It is also clear that the readily available online information is providing a base level of knowledge for new clients prior to them making contact with us”.

Whether the inquiry is for a Dry Hire water truck, Wet Hire water truck, water trailer or water storage, it does not seem to limit our clients. Nor does the geographic location of the inquiry with H2flow Water Services fielding inquiries for its product from all over Australia.

H2flow Water Services continues to develop and refine its online presence based on feedback from its client base. Take a look at our Facebook and Google+ page and follow or ‘Like’ us there.

Does Clean Water Really = Purity + Peace Of Mind?

H2flow is Brisbane and South East Queensland’s leading water services carrier.

In addition to offering water trucks for hire, H2flow has assigned two dedicated water trucks in the Greater Brisbane area purely focused on drinking water deliveries for the residential and commercial construction sectors. Has it been busy recently, VERY!

When assessing our entry into the drinking water sector, it was clear that we needed to ensure we sort the right advice and not listened to the supposed experts in the game as to how it is done.

Brisbane City Council has very specific guidelines and procedures to comply with the Food Act 2006 when applying for approval to transport and deliver drinking water. After all, delivering water that could potentially lead to users becoming  ill, is something we took very seriously. It must be said that Ipswich, Moreton and Redland City Councils also have stringent guidelines.

So, to make sure we delivered clean water acceptable for drinking water use, what permits and procedures did we need to put in place to meet our obligations?

What truck standards should I expect my drinking water carrier to have for water deliveries?

Firstly, the truck must be dedicated for the sole purpose of carrying water for human consumption, and not perform a dual role of carrying recycled or alternative water for construction or horticulture.

Delivery hoses must comply with relevant Australian Standards, such as 2070-1999 (Plastic materials for food contact use) or the relevant international standard.

All hoses and outlets on the truck should be capped an protected to prevent contamination of couplings and fittings.

How do I know the water I am getting is safe?

H2Flow only uses water extracted from the Queensland Urban Utilities water mains, which is the same water consumed by all of Brisbane. The water is carried in a fibreglass water tank which is cleaned and sanitised on a monthly basis, before the tank, hoses and fittings are flushed with clean water. When not in use, hoses and outlets are capped at all times for additional safety.

Do staff involved in the delivery of drinking water have to have a base level of training?

As a condition of our Food Business Licence (FS 02240430010), H2Flow has a Food Safety Supervisor whose dedicated responsibility is to ensure we are compliant with all conditions of our licence. This involves programmed inspections of all equipment ensuring tanks and fittings are sanitised on schedule and all drivers of our drinking water vehicles are trained in the safe handling of water.

What licences and permits should I ask for?

All water carriers providing you with drinking water should have a Food Business License which has been issued by your local council. The water truck should have the words “Drinking Water Only” clearly displayed on the side of the truck. It is recommended that you ask the driver to show you a copy of their Food Business Licence to ensure that you are dealing with an accredited operator. You cannot be too careful when it comes to your health!

What does the Eat Safe Rating mean?

Eat Safe Brisbane is built on the most efficient and effective way of achieving food safety compliance and consists of multiple factors critical to producing safe food for consumers.The assessment of a food business takes into account all the food handling processes within the operation. Council will undertake a food safety yearly audit of the business to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards to determine if the business effectively manages food safety risks.

H2Flow has the highest rating of five stars.

Watering new gardens

Whether it is a house block, a new housing estate or a new council park, the logic is similar. The primary issue is to get the water onto the garden as soon as the flora has been planted and maintain adequate levels of water at specific intervals in the establishment phase.

H2flow offer a good selection of temporary water storage or water trucks for this type of watering issues.

How often should I water new gardens?

The establishment phase should be considered as a 4 week project. Volumes and applications will vary from season to season and variety and size of plants. As a guide for water delivery, allow a minimum of 12 individual waterings, with a high concentration in the early stages.

How much water is required?

On average, at least 5 litres of water per plant, however, if planting larger sizes you will need up to 100 litres of water. Some plant varieties may require additional water volumes. If watering a general garden area, allow 10 to 15 litres of water per square metre.

How long does it take to establish my gardens?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks dependent on the season. A light prune at this time to trim any dead leaf or foliage that have not survived the planting and establishment phase.

How can I have the best garden in the street?

One way to have the best garden in the street is to have a regular watering program. A regular deep watering helps maintain your plants health from root to tip. Make sure you get water to the root ball. Regular application of fertiliser and wetting agent will improve growth and colour.

Does the quality of my water make a difference?

In one word, Yes! Water that has high levels of sodium or salt in particular will have detrimental affects to plant health. Your supplier must be able to provide you with a test result sheet for the water being used.

During establishment, check moisture levels using a moisture metre (costs start at $10-$15 from hardware stores) in the root zone regularly. This will assist you in determining when and how much water is required.

The establishment of a garden can take time, larger trees and shrubs will need extra watering and this is where H2flow can assist. Larger properties, units or estate managers who require a good source of water storage to facilitate the planting of new trees and shrubs, use the dry hire equipment service from H2flow.

A simple solution from H2flow Watering Services.

For full details Complete our Contact Us form or give us a Call (07) 3715 8799

H2flow Dry Hire – Quality Water Trucks, Trailers and Sitetanks Now Available for Dry Hire

Known for providing quality wet hire services (plant & operator), H2flow has now extended its offerings to the Civil and Horticultural sectors by providing dry hire options to its fleet of late model water trucks, trailers and onsite water storage tanks. The H2flow brand can now be seen on sites from as far afield as Century Mine in the far north of Queensland, West to Roma and the Surat basin, Gladstone and Curtis Island.

Why Dry Hire?

With the need to provide flexible and more cost effective options to a variety of major resource projects, the dry hire of our quality plant and equipment has been well received by our growing client base. Ranging from 6,000 lt to 28,000 lt truck and dog, the fleet of late model vehicles continues to be upgraded with many trucks now available with full mine specification and IVMS tracking to ensure compliance on any site throughout Australia.

Heavy duty 1800lt tandem water trailers and 28,000 lt steel on site storage tanks complete the dry hire range of equipment to help manage your onsite water needs

Why Choose H2flow Dry Hire?

Because we specialise in water equipment, and operate them in our own right, we know what works and what doesn’t. Having a truck or trailer on site fully & correctly equipped means greater efficiencies and long term costs savings .

All dry hire plant is put through stringent pre and post mobilisation checking and fully maintained to ensure minimal down time on site. All vehicles are thoroughly tried and tested by our own experienced operators before they enter the field and are purposely designed to ensure ease of operation. All plant and equipment available for dry hire has been specifically set up to ensure ease of operation onsite and minimise any dramas, which include

  • Fully automated operation IVMS GPS tracking and operator performance monitoring
  • Full compliance paper work to ensure adherence to relevant Plant codes of practice
  • Full back up and maintenance service
  • Short or long term hire available.

For full details check out our Dry Hire section, complete our Contact Us form or give us a Call (07) 3715 8799.

Watering Turf in Queensland Winter Weather

With the fantastic winter weather we’ve been having in Queensland we should all be aware of the lack of rain watering our gardens and in particular our lawns and large areas of turf. H2flow is Brisbane and South East Queensland’s leading water services carrier and is recognised as an industry leader in the application of water for new turf projects of all sizes. Whether it is a house block in a new housing estate or a new sporting oval, the logic is similar.

New turf can need some extra TLC and I’m sure you will hear all sorts of experts espouse the virtues of soil composition, fall of land, etc.  For new turf the primary issue is to get the water on as soon as the turf is laid and maintain adequate levels of water at specific intervals in the establishment phase.

How often should new turf be watered? Look at the establishment phase as a 4 week project. Volumes and applications will vary from season to season and of course the variety of turf makes a difference. As a guide, allow a minimum of 12 individual waterings, with a high concentration in the early stages.

How much water do I need? This is easy. The rule of thumb is at least 10 litres of water per square metre of turf. However, some turf varieties may require additional water volumes. For example, shade tolerant varieties have a thicker soil and thatch layer requiring higher volumes.

How long does it take to establish new turf? Approximately 3 to 4 weeks dependent on the season. A mow at this time to trim any leaf or seed head will increase lateral growth.

How can I have the best turf in the street? One way to have the best turf in the street is to have a regular watering program. A regular deep watering helps maintain your turf’s health from root to tip.

Does the quality of my water make a difference? In a word – Yes! Water that has high levels of sodium or salt in particular will have detrimental affects to turf health. Your supplier must be able to provide you with a test result sheet for the water being used.

To sum it up turf can look fantastic when it’s well maintained and ‘loved’. Watering is a huge part of this maintenance. If you’d like more information about our horticultural watering or if you have larger areas of turf to cover we also provide ‘Dry Hire Water Trucks’.

By Paul Ryan

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H2flow using MTData

With the ever growing need for reporting and compliance to Government Work place and Safety Regulations H2flow decided to consult with MTData to manage their fleet of dry hire water trucks and water truck drivers. The MTData solutions include in-truck hands free phones, dry hire fleet maintenance systems, job dispatch, route managements, driver fatigue management and more.

Driver Fatigue regulations across Australia now require management systems to ensure the safety of both the driver and others on the road. The advanced maintenance reporting available through MTData allows our drivers to record and manage repairs and servicing needs, ensuring our water trucks are fully equiped and running to optimal requirements.

H2flow is meticulous in complying to safety regulations when managing our fleet of dry hire trucks and equipment. “We recognise the need for advanced management of our dry hire trucks, their maintenance requirements, dispatch plans and timetables so everyone gets what they need” said Paul Ryan, Director of Administration & Strategy at H2flow.

“MTData has given us the tools we require to ensure our drivers, dry hire equipment and water trucks are safe, well maintained and on the road when they should be”.

H2Flow – Using MTData Reports for Streamlined Operations

H2flow Director of Administration & Strategy, Paul Ryan uses MTData GPS Tracking and fleet management solution on a daily basis. In addition to simply seeing where his company vehicles are located, Paul has access to advanced reporting to assist with overall business.

With available reports based on vehicles, fleets, drivers, way point management, speed, and more, Paul says each individual report helps with safety and training.

“The safety element cannot be understated. We use the reporting from the system as a training tool for our drivers as well. The better their driving habits, the safer our employees are and thus other motorists on the road”.

“MTData reporting has proved crucial as we are able to provide clients with exact details of when we were on site to support client invoicing”, he says.

Using MTDatas web based product Hawk-eye and iPhone and iPad applications, RaptoR LITE, H2Flow is able to clearly manage their fleet and exceed customer expectations due to accurate reporting. Paul adds, “MTData is such an easy product to use and train people”.

To see how MTDatas advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solution can assist your business, contact your local sales representative for a demonstration.