Fertilising Your Lawn

Date Published 2nd September 2015

The sales and operations teams at H2flow are continually asked by our clients when is the best time of year to fertilise and how frequently should you fertilise your turf.

Here are some tips from the expert team at H2flow;

Ideally, if you have a commercial turf location with heavy foot traffic you should fertilise every 4 to 6 weeks. If using this method only apply fertiliser lightly.

At a home lawn though we would recommend you fertilise every quarter.

In summer months (December to February) a chemical fertiliser that more promotes leaf growth is best.

Coming into autumn and winter use a more organic fertiliser to promote root growth.

If you can find a produce store or one of the larger landscape supply companies (Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10), you will be able to buy a larger quantity and save some money (they also tend to have a better selection). But also buy a couple of 20 litre drums with lids. Pour any leftover fertiliser into the drum and seal. Use again next time.

Also, for smaller areas such as home lawns, do not forget to buy a hand held fertiliser spreader. They are reasonably priced and all you need to do after use is wash out in water and it will last forever.

The team at H2flow hope this has been helpful.