Landscape Watering

Landscape and Horticultural Watering

Keeping your lawns and garden green during dry seasons

This is H2flow’s speciality. We are known for having the best equipment and practical solutions in the market. That’s why all the leading turf companies and landscapers in Brisbane use H2flow to water their turf. No project is beyond the capabilities of our fleet.

Our horticultural water fleet possess the following features, but are not limited to;

  • Diesel or Petrol Motor with 3 inch Megajet Pump Electric Start
  • Cab Controlled Spray Fittings
  • Monitor Cannon
  • Impact Sprinkler
  • Cannon
  • Numerous Water Spray Fittings
  • 50 metres of 11/4 inch Hose on Automatic Hose Reel
  • Street Washing Facilities

Water Additives

Low cost, effective and non toxic supplements that we simply add to a tanker during the filling process, to our clients, so much more than water. We can save you time and ensure you get the best horticultural watering result.

Wetting Agents

Stamina Express

Dual Action Thatch and Soil Penetrator. It will penetrate any applied water into the soil profile so every drop is utilised and gets to the soil profile where it is needed.

Fertilisers for Turf

Nitrosert KS

Liquid Turf Fertiliser. Nitrosert is a revolutionary new liquid turf fertiliser that employs a technology that controls the release of fertiliser over an 8-10 week period.

Stamina Rescue

Curative With Rapid Recovery. Has 15% amino acids enabling efficient photosynthetic processes allowing quick recovery of stressed turf.

Fertilisers for Plants


100% Liquid Seaweed Concentrate. Kelpak is a natural seaweed extract for accelerating root development and improving plant health.

Weed Control

Prolan Herbicide

Pre-emergent Herbicide. For pre-emergent weed control in amenity plantings, garden beds and roadside areas.