Onsite Water Storage

These pods are very practical, easily transported and affordable for any size job site.

The robust nature of the design, coupled with the minimal ‘foot print’ they require, have proven a real hit with our clients. Affordable long term rental rates are available.

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28,000 & 56,000 Litre Onsite Tanks

Ideal for water supply on any civil/development site requiring onsite water where supply is limited or non existent. Available for both potable and non potable water storage, these robust containerised water storage tanks are capable of providing bulk water supply for a multitude of project work such as:

  • Road construction
  • Horticulture
  • Water supply to remote site sheds & amenities blocks
  • Filling sub station for onsite water trucks
  • Ideal for long term on site water storage
  • Potable & non potable tanks available
  • Convenient on site water storage
  • Robust & compact (up to 50% footprint saving over similar capacity poly tanks)
  • Dimensions: 28,000 lt: 6m x 2.4m x 2.4m, 56,000 lt: 12m x 2.4m x 2.4m
  • Stackable
  • Tamper proof set up
  • Safe & secure water storage (fittings locked behind padlocked container doors)
  • Fittings: 100mm fill pipe 75mm and 50mm outlets
  • Easily transportable and positioned on site
  • Affordable long term hire rates, or purchase