Clean Water – How H2flow can help

Date Published 2nd September 2015

Fresh Clean water is essential part of everyday life and many health authorities suggest at least eight glasses per day should be consumed to keep you feeling fit and healthy. Although this amount has not been supported by scientific research, it is still widely accepted that drinking clean water regularly can eliminate toxic and noxious substances which can cause dehydration and headaches.

Water makes up about 50 – 70% of the human body by mass and is essential for our metabolic process, it keeps everything functioning correctly. It is also an important part for the proper transport of nutrients to all cells and tissues of the body. It will help you stay more alert and keep you feeling well physically. We all know how good it feels to drink a cold glass of clean water in the summer, how it refreshes our whole body.

National Clean Water Week on the 16th – 22th October is the only nationally-focused event designed to assist our community to take actions that helps protect and conserve our most precious resource – water. Hosted by the Australian Water Association the week long events are focused on raising awareness within our communities on how important this precious resource is to our nation and to each of us as individuals.

Most developed countries enjoy and appreciate a high standard of clean water for drinking and food preparation and Australia is lucky enough to have facilities which supply clean water directly to your door.

H2flow is proud of its clean water facilities, we go out of our way to ensure our water is the highest quality available, with compliances to:

  • Approved to AS2070 Standard Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 and 3.2.3
  • Compliant Food Business Licence No. A00292885
  • Dedicated Food Safety Supervisor (Registration No. 1141940)
  • 5 Star Eat Safe Rating

Our Water tanks are especially designed to carry only clean drinking water, so whether you require a water tank fill for your home or delivered to your workplace and you value purity, H2flow can deliver clean drinking water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.