H2Flow – Using MTData Reports for Streamlined Operations

Date Published 2nd September 2015

H2flow Director of Administration & Strategy, Paul Ryan uses MTData GPS Tracking and fleet management solution on a daily basis. In addition to simply seeing where his company vehicles are located, Paul has access to advanced reporting to assist with overall business.

With available reports based on vehicles, fleets, drivers, way point management, speed, and more, Paul says each individual report helps with safety and training.

“The safety element cannot be understated. We use the reporting from the system as a training tool for our drivers as well. The better their driving habits, the safer our employees are and thus other motorists on the road”.

“MTData reporting has proved crucial as we are able to provide clients with exact details of when we were on site to support client invoicing”, he says.

Using MTDatas web based product Hawk-eye and iPhone and iPad applications, RaptoR LITE, H2Flow is able to clearly manage their fleet and exceed customer expectations due to accurate reporting. Paul adds, “MTData is such an easy product to use and train people”.

To see how MTDatas advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solution can assist your business, contact your local sales representative for a demonstration.