H2flow’s owners acquire Harrison’s Hire

Date Published 24th February 2016

The owners of H2flow acquired Harrison’s Hire in November 2015. Harrison’s Hire had built up an extensive plant and equipment dry hire business over the last 20 years specializing in the small end hire equipment (Mini trucks & trailers). H2flow’s owners (Scott Beioley, Mark Broekman, Paul Ryan) are very excited with their acquisition of Harrison’s Hire. They see the Harrison’s Hire dry hire product as a terrific complement to H2flow’s extensive wet hire business.

The combined fleets now offer water trucks varying in size from 2,000 litres to 28,000 litres, mini tippers, mini vacuum trucks, vacuum trailers, water blaster trailers, water trailers, fuel trailers, sandbag filler trailers, on site water tanks and a dedicated fleet of drinking water trucks and trailers.

The following is a summary of the huge range of product now available.

H2flow – Wet & Dry Hire

  • Fleet of up to 30 water trucks 6,000 litres to 28,000 litres capacity
  • Potable water services Pool & Tank Fills
  • Tandem Water trailers 1,800 litres
  • Site tanks for water storage 28,000 litres
  • 24/7 operations
  • Experienced and compliant operators

Harrison’s Hire – Dry Hire

  • Mini Water Trucks 2,000 litres -Car licence only
  • Mini Vacuum Trucks 1,000 litres – LR Licence
  • Mini Tippers Car licence only
  • Water Blasters – trailer mounted
  • Water Trailers 1500 litres
  • Vacuum Trailers 400litres
  • Sandbag Fillers – trailer mounted
  • Fuel Trailers (solar) 1,000 litres