Watering new gardens

Date Published 2nd September 2015

Whether it is a house block, a new housing estate or a new council park, the logic is similar. The primary issue is to get the water onto the garden as soon as the flora has been planted and maintain adequate levels of water at specific intervals in the establishment phase.

H2flow offer a good selection of temporary water storage or water trucks for this type of watering issues.

How often should I water new gardens?

The establishment phase should be considered as a 4 week project. Volumes and applications will vary from season to season and variety and size of plants. As a guide for water delivery, allow a minimum of 12 individual waterings, with a high concentration in the early stages.

How much water is required?

On average, at least 5 litres of water per plant, however, if planting larger sizes you will need up to 100 litres of water. Some plant varieties may require additional water volumes. If watering a general garden area, allow 10 to 15 litres of water per square metre.

How long does it take to establish my gardens?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks dependent on the season. A light prune at this time to trim any dead leaf or foliage that have not survived the planting and establishment phase.

How can I have the best garden in the street?

One way to have the best garden in the street is to have a regular watering program. A regular deep watering helps maintain your plants health from root to tip. Make sure you get water to the root ball. Regular application of fertiliser and wetting agent will improve growth and colour.

Does the quality of my water make a difference?

In one word, Yes! Water that has high levels of sodium or salt in particular will have detrimental affects to plant health. Your supplier must be able to provide you with a test result sheet for the water being used.

During establishment, check moisture levels using a moisture metre (costs start at $10-$15 from hardware stores) in the root zone regularly. This will assist you in determining when and how much water is required.

The establishment of a garden can take time, larger trees and shrubs will need extra watering and this is where H2flow can assist. Larger properties, units or estate managers who require a good source of water storage to facilitate the planting of new trees and shrubs, use the dry hire equipment service from H2flow.

A simple solution from H2flow Watering Services.

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