Watering Turf in Queensland Winter Weather

Date Published 2nd September 2015

With the fantastic winter weather we’ve been having in Queensland we should all be aware of the lack of rain watering our gardens and in particular our lawns and large areas of turf. H2flow is Brisbane and South East Queensland’s leading water services carrier and is recognised as an industry leader in the application of water for new turf projects of all sizes. Whether it is a house block in a new housing estate or a new sporting oval, the logic is similar.

New turf can need some extra TLC and I’m sure you will hear all sorts of experts espouse the virtues of soil composition, fall of land, etc.  For new turf the primary issue is to get the water on as soon as the turf is laid and maintain adequate levels of water at specific intervals in the establishment phase.

How often should new turf be watered? Look at the establishment phase as a 4 week project. Volumes and applications will vary from season to season and of course the variety of turf makes a difference. As a guide, allow a minimum of 12 individual waterings, with a high concentration in the early stages.

How much water do I need? This is easy. The rule of thumb is at least 10 litres of water per square metre of turf. However, some turf varieties may require additional water volumes. For example, shade tolerant varieties have a thicker soil and thatch layer requiring higher volumes.

How long does it take to establish new turf? Approximately 3 to 4 weeks dependent on the season. A mow at this time to trim any leaf or seed head will increase lateral growth.

How can I have the best turf in the street? One way to have the best turf in the street is to have a regular watering program. A regular deep watering helps maintain your turf’s health from root to tip.

Does the quality of my water make a difference? In a word – Yes! Water that has high levels of sodium or salt in particular will have detrimental affects to turf health. Your supplier must be able to provide you with a test result sheet for the water being used.

To sum it up turf can look fantastic when it’s well maintained and ‘loved’. Watering is a huge part of this maintenance. If you’d like more information about our horticultural watering or if you have larger areas of turf to cover we also provide ‘Dry Hire Water Trucks’.

By Paul Ryan

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