Wildlife Warrior

Date Published 24th June 2016

H2Flow’s very own ‘Wildlife Warrior’ and ‘Steve Irwin Wanna be’, Hamish Grey recently received special recognition in CPB Contractor’s Moreton Bay Rail Link, Daily Prestart.

Hamish witnessed a pair of ducks in great distress after falling into a closed pit. Without hesitation and with complete disregard to his own safety, Hamish saved the day by promptly rescuing the ducks. The duck have been nick named Peking and l’Orange.

H2flow commenced worked on the Moreton Bay Rail Link project with CPB Contractors Pty Ltd in December 2013 and still has water trucks & various dry hire plant on site in the final stages as this project winds down.

 At its peak construction phase, H2flow had a large fleet of water trucks working daily on the various staging sites plus was supplying the drinking water to the multiple lunch rooms scattered around the project. This is the third major rail project H2flow has worked on with entities associated with CPB Contractors Pty Ltd over the past decade.

 The recent acquisition and integration of Harrison’s Hire has extended the reach of South East Queensland’s largest water carrier into new markets, providing the largest dedicated mobile water services company for the civil & construction industry in Australia.